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Weekend Retreat is the multi award-winning Cornish black comedy debut feature from writer/director Brett Harvey.

“a darkly comic twist on the domestic hostage situation... adds momentum to the Cornish new wave” David Parkinson, Empire Online

Weekend Retreat is a darkly comic thriller set in an isolated house in the picturesque Cornish countryside. Karen Campbell has brought her husband Duncan away for a “quiet weekend”, a chance to communicate and rebuild their fractured marriage. Duncan plays along but seems distant. During their first night they’re taken hostage by Kevin and Gary Tregidger, estranged brothers desperate for money who thought the house was empty. Gaffer taped back to back the Campbell’s marriage is pushed to the limit while the Tregidger’s can’t stop bickering long enough to get the job done. As the weekend draws on the stakes are raised as secrets are revealed and body parts are lost.

Produced by Denzil Monk (Happy Christmas) and Simon Harvey (The Midnight Drives) the film stars Esther Hall (Rome, Waking The Dead, Spooks) Dominic Coleman (Psychoville, Special People, Clubbed) and Dudley Sutton (Lovejoy, The Football Factory, Dean Spanley).


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"Brett Harvey’s brilliant British indie feature is now available via the BFFS Booking Scheme. This delicious black comedy thriller garnered a huge amount of praise and publicity on its release: A truly glorious mix of drama and comedy – Little White Lies, Darkly Comic – Empire. The film has featured at many film festivals across the UK and won many awards: Winner of the Golden Chough Award, Cornwall Film Festival, Winner of Best Writer/Director London Independent Film Festival, Best Film and Best Actor (Female) Edinburgh Bootleg Film Festival."
by Julia Vickers

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